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New Faculty

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  • What documents do I need to complete for HR processing?

    Before your arrival on campus, you should complete the documents in your new hire packet and return them to Human Resources (HR). HR is located in the Administration Building, Room 216. You can contact them at 915-747-5202.

    Within three working days of your hire date, you must bring appropriate documentation to HR to complete the Federal I-9 form (see the reverse side of the form for examples of such documentation). This can also be sent via e-mail, in a password-protected attached document. The password should be sent in a separate email.

    Following your visit to HR, your chair, department administrative support staff, and College Administrative Officer (CAO)* are your best information resources.

    HR can also assist with any visa-related questions.

    For additional New Employee Information, visit the HR Transaction Center’s website.

    Check to see the list of CAOs.

  • What documents will I need to provide to my Department Chair in order to be fully credentialed for teaching at UTEP?

    You will need to request official transcripts from each institution where you earned a degree and have them sent directly to your Department Chair or the hiring official for your program. These need to be issued to the university, rather than to you. In addition, please provide an updated version of your CV and any relevant documentation of licensures or certificates related to your area of teaching.

    The link to information that needs to be provided to your hiring department for credentialing purposes is the Faculty Credentialing Process Checklist.

    The link to information that should be entered in order to create your faculty profile is in the Faculty Profile and Digital Measures Reference Guide.

    Once you arrive at UTEP, you will receive training in how to complete your personal file in Digital Measures, so that you can create your faculty profile.

  • What is Digital Measures?

    Digital Measures is an internet-based information management system specifically designed to help faculty members record their professional accomplishments in a single location. General information and a tutorial on Digital Measures.

    To log into UTEP’s Digital Measures (you will need your Miner Login credentials in order to access this link).

  • How do I get access to UTEP computers and other online services?

    Once your new hire packet has been submitted and fully processed by Human Resources, ask your departmental administrative support staff or your CAO for your login credentials. If they are unable to provide the login information, please contact the Technology Support Help Desk.

    The Technology Support Help Desk is located in the Library, Room 300. Their regular semester hours are Monday – Thursday, 7:00 am to 9:00 pm; Friday, 7:00 am to 8:00 pm; Saturday, 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and Sunday, 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm.

    The Technology Support Help Desk’s on-campus extension is 4357 (HELP). The off-campus number is 915-474-5257. You can also email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    For additional information and a list of other services visit the Technology Support Help Desk Website.

  • When will I have an email account?

    Your email account will be generated once your new hire packet is submitted and fully processed by Human Resources. Your email account will be accessed using the same login credentials provided for computer access and online services. For issues with your email account, please contact the Technology Support Help Desk.

    If you need access prior to coming to campus, your departmental administrative support staff or CAO will work with HR to process a request to grant pre-employment start date access to University resources, including email access.

  • Where can I get information on my new faculty computer?

    A New Faculty Technology Orientation is held the week prior to the beginning of classes. During this orientation, you will receive your new faculty computer and information about other technology services available to you.

    Contact your Technology Implementation Manager (TIM) or CAO for additional information.

  • When do I get my first paycheck?

    The academic year begins in late August and ends in early May. You will receive your first paycheck on October 1 and your last paycheck for the academic year on June 1.

  • Where do I go to handle parking-related matters?

    If you need to be on campus and don’t have a permanent parking pass, you can get a day pass at the guard booth on University Avenue across from the Bookstore.

    To secure a complimentary 30-day parking permit, present a copy of your offer letter to the Office of Parking and Transportation, located in the Mike Loya Academic Services Building, Room 122 (Building #38 on Map).

    Once your appointment has been processed and your employment credentials have been created, you will be able to purchase a parking permit. To do so, go to the Parking and Transportation Services website, click on “My Parking Account,” and follow the instructions (you will need your Miner Login credentials in order to access this link). You can also visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office.

    If you receive a parking citation, you can pay or appeal it by contacting Parking and Transportation Services.

    For additional information, please call or email Parking and Transportation Services at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 915-747-5724.

  • When will my telephone be set up?

    Your departmental administrative support staff or CAO will contact the Technology Support Help Desk to have a telephone extension assigned to you.

    Go to to set up your voicemail and to have your display name changed on your phone. You personally have to set up your password-protected voicemail box due to security requirements.

    For problems with your telephone, including voicemail, contact the Technology Support Help Desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text22962+'<\/a>'; //--> , extension 4357 (HELP), or 915-747-5257.

  • May I opt out of the UTEP Directory?

    Yes. You may opt out of the UTEP directory, but you must let HR know by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text25224+'<\/a>'; //--> . We will still publish your department’s main office number so that other faculty, staff, and students can reach you by phone.

  • How do I get my moving expenses reimbursed?

    Contact your CAO as soon as possible so that our Purchasing Department can work directly with you in securing a moving company. This will eliminate or significantly reduce any out-of-pocket expenses.

    If you do incur out-of-pocket expenses, submit all original receipts to your departmental administrative support staff or your CAO. Your CAO will submit a reimbursement request to the Provost’s Office, for processing by Payroll.

    Once your request has been received by the Payroll Office, you should receive your reimbursement in your next paycheck, as long as you are appointed in PeopleSoft. Please contact your CAO for appointment confirmation.

    For examples of taxable and non-taxable moving expenses, please contact our Payroll Department, at 915-747-5171. Our Payroll Department is located at 1900 North Oregon, University Towers, Suite 100.


  • Where can I find information about benefits, retirement plans, confidential help and counseling, employee discounts, family issues, and educational assistance?

    Call an HR Benefits Consultant at 915-747-5202 or email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Visit the HRS Benefits Employee Insurance website.

    The University of Texas System’s Retirement Programs website, has information about insurance benefits, retirement programs, a list of resources, and a Living Well page.

    Eligible University employees are covered from the first day of employment. Employees will be automatically enrolled for employee-only coverage. To enroll any dependents or elect voluntary coverages, employees must make the elections within the first 31-days of employment.

    HR also has a page of Frequently Asked Questions concerning medical benefits.


  • Who do I contact for assistance with applying for external funds, research accounts, agreements, etc.?

    Contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) at 915-747-5680 or visit them in the Administration Building, Room 209.

    The Principal Investigator must complete the Notice of Intent (NOI) to apply form at least 10 full working days prior to the submission deadline date. Refer to the following link: (you will need your Miner Login credentials in order to access this link).

  • When will I receive my start-up funds so I can start spending?

    Before start-up account information can be released, the ORSP Research Administrator (RA) assigned to your college will be contacting you prior to your arrival on campus. If this is not possible, they will contact you shortly after you arrive on campus.

    Your RA will help you prepare a Budget Summary and a Research Plan, using the prescribed templates.

    Both of these documents will be forwarded, by the RA, to your Department Chair and Dean for review and approval.

    Once the Dean has approved, your RA will secure approval from the Provost and VP for Research.

    At this point, start-up account information will be forwarded to your CAO, who will forward it to you, so that you may begin spending.

  • What can I expect from Purchasing and General Services?

    Purchasing and General Services oversees the various methods used to procure goods and services from ordering official UTEP business cards and letterhead to solicitation projects. Purchasing and General Services is also responsible for the Central Receiving and Records Management Departments.

    Visit the Purchasing and General Services website, for a list of services, operating hours, and information on programs such as the HUB Program and Miner Mall (e-procurement) purchasing.

    The Miner Mall training schedule is available to you.

Faculty Development

  • Where can I receive instruction and support on the use of technology in teaching and learning?

    Academic Technologies (AT) has a Teaching and Learning Laboratory (TLL) to support faculty in using technology in teaching and learning. The TLL is the center for all troubleshooting, training (electronic and face-to-face), data reporting, and outreach for UTEP’s current learning management systems. More information on the TLL website.

  • Who do I contact when the instructional technology equipment or software malfunctions in my classroom?

    All classrooms with technology are equipped with a campus telephone that allows you to dial #701 for support. If this is not available, please contact the Technology Support Help Desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text36096+'<\/a>'; //--> , extension 4357 (HELP), or 915-747-5257.

  • What types of new faculty orientations are offered?

    Several new faculty orientations and training sessions are offered:

    • University Relations organizes a half-day orientation for new full-time faculty and staff. The conference-like program allows participants to select sessions of interest to them as new members of the UTEP community.
    • Information Resources and Planning conducts Technology Orientations for new faculty. You will learn about the technology and services that are available to you and your students during this session. New faculty computers are also set up and distributed during this time.
    • Ask your Department Chair or contact your Dean’s Office to find out about college-wide faculty meetings.
    • The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETaL) offers each August the Fall Instructor Retreat (a half-day workshop by a nationally-recognized scholar on teaching and learning) as well as New Instructor Training (a four-hour training tailored to faculty and graduate student instructors who are new to teaching at UTEP).
    • If you have administrative or research responsibilities, you may need to attend various training session for PeopleSoft, UTEP’s financial and human resource software system. For questions about PeopleSoft, contact the Technology Support Help Desk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">'+addy_text13259+'<\/a>'; //--> , extension 4357 (HELP), or 915-747-5257.
    • The UTEP The Academic Technologies Professional Development website serves as a centralized location to view and register for workshops and trainings offered at UTEP through Academic Technologies and/or partnering organizations on campus.
    • HRS also provides professional talent and development opportunities.

  • Where can I learn more about integrating technology into teaching and using new technologies to solve academic problems?

    Academic Technologies (AT) is committed to fostering student access and success by working alongside students, faculty and staff to create a synergistic approach for instructional and curriculum development, to design new learning environments, and to harness the power of technology in order to achieve academic and research excellence. See more:

    The Information Research and Planning website, has additional information on technology support systems.

  • Does UTEP have a Faculty Mentoring Program?

    Faculty mentoring occurs both formally and informally at the department, college, and institutional levels. Some of CETaL's resource webpages or offerings include a mentoring component.

Living in El Paso

  • Where can I find information about El Paso?

    Visit the HR El Paso Highlights website.

    The El Paso Convention and Visitors Bureau has lots of information.

    UTEP has a partnership with Texas Tech University: The UTEP Employee & Family Care Center, located at 125 W. Hague Rd, Suite 340, 915-215-5800.

    Don’t hesitate to ask colleagues for recommendations on physicians, dentists, day care providers, contractors, etc.

  • What are the restrictions, if any, on visiting Juárez, Mexico?

    Business trips require approval from senior administration.

    Parts of Mexico are on the US Department of State Travel Watch list, and faculty traveling across the border should be aware of the related risks.

    For information on any international travel, contact the Office of the VP for Business Affairs at 747-5113.